When is a good time to start looking for my dress?

Every bride and every wedding is different. Here at VAB, we would advise looking for your dress around 12-18 months in advance. This does not however mean that we need this amount of time to order your gown in. We have some of the worlds best designers and we can order all our gowns to arrive within a 6 month period with a further 8 weeks for alterations.

Allowing 12-18 months takes away the pressure as some brides do find it tricky to find their perfect dress so allowing this amount of time will ensure you don’t have to panic and you can make a clear decisions and enjoy the moment.

Please don’t panic if you have less than 6 months as we are able to get certain designers and styles in much quicker than this so we are always able to help, just pop in and discuss your requirements with us here at VAB!

What sizes are your sample dresses?

8 to 18 – Bridal sizes do tend to differ slightly so don’t be put off if you have to go up a size or two.

What is the price range of your dresses?

£800 – £3500.

Do I have to book to try on wedding dresses?

Yes we would prefer you to book your appointment where possible as this allows us to dedicate our full time and attention to you. Saturday’s are particularly busy, therefore, a charge of £25 for Saturday appointments is charged, which of course is redeemable when you order your gown with us. Should you need to cancel your Saturday appointment, given 3 days’ notice is provided via email a full refund of your £25 deposit will be made.

Are the appointments private?

Yes they certainly are, here at VAB we like to provide you with the best customer care and as a result the boutique operates on an appointment only basis.

How many guests can I bring with me?

We offer private appointments in our boutique. We can comfortably accommodate upto 4 guests. Sometimes, it’s better just to bring one or two people whose opinion you really trust and value rather than involving too many people with conflicting ideas. Remember your dress should be a surprise for friends on your big day!

What do I need to wear (underwear wise) for my appointment?

It’s always advisable to wear a pair of seam free nude knickers if possible and a nude strapless bra, however don’t panic if you don’t have either as with most dresses you don’t need to wear a bra due to them being boned and padded but please do wear knickers!

We have a small selection of sample shoes, however if you have already bought your dream wedding shoes please bring them along as we absolutely love a good pair of heels! If not, then here at VAB we stock the most amazing Freya Rose London shoes which are very hard not to fall in love with!

How many dresses will I get to try on, and how long will the appointment be?

We advise you to pick around 5 gowns at the start of your appointment and then once we have a better understanding of what you are/not liking we will select some gowns that we think will be good for you.

Remember….Be open when it comes to trying different styles on!

How do I pay?

If you find your perfect wedding gown with us we require a 50% deposit at the point of ordering and then the remaining balance is not due until your gown arrives into the boutique, we will contact you when it arrives. At this point you can take your gown away with you ready for your fittings.

Do you provide a fitting service?

Yes we do, we have a wonderful seamstress who comes into the boutique to complete all our brides first fittings, further alterations will be made by arrangement with the seamstress. All alterations are chargeable and this is paid to the seamstress at the point of collection of your gown.

How far in advance of my wedding will my fitting take place?

Your first fitting will take place 6 weeks prior to your big day, then your subsequent fittings will follow sometimes up to a week prior to the day depending on what you are having done. We start your fittings so close to the wedding as most women tend to loose weight in the run up to the day, so this is to ensure we get a perfect fit. However, this can be discussed in more detail with our seamstress.


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